2020 Statistical Dossier on Immigration

15,00 IVA inclusa


With this 30th edition published in 2020, the Statistical Dossier on Immigration
remains the socio-statistical yearbook on immigration with the longest history of
uninterrupted publication and the most widely distributed in Italy.
IDOS study and research centre, which edits the Dossier in partnership with the
Centro Studi Confronti, avails itself of a stable network of scholars, experts and practitioners
who not only draw up the valuable chapters of the report, but also promote its presentation
and dissemination in their regions and contexts of reference. Each edition of the Dossier has
been accompanied by a vast awareness campaign, with more than 100 events such as
conventions, meetings, seminars, courses, and other public occasions held every year
throughout Italy.

Editor: Centro Studi e Ricerche IDOS
Publisher: IDOS
Town: Rome
Publication date: 2021


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