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The usefulness of a Statistical Yearbook is evident, especially when it comes to complex statistical data on immigration, a phenomenon which has been constantly increasing in Italy over the past decades.
This is the area of specialization of IDOS – Study and Research Centre/Statistical Dossier on Immigration, which since 2004 has edited and published the homonymous Statistical Dossier on Immigration. This yearly report, previously published on assignment for ecclesiastical organizations, since 2013 is published by IDOS on behalf of the “National Office against Racial Discrimination” (UNAR) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Since 2015, the Statistical Dossier on Immigration is realized by IDOS in partnership with Confronti and the support of the Otto per Mille Fund of the Tavola Valdese – Union of the Methodist and Waldensian Churches and the collaboration of the UNAR.
The Dossier examines various aspects of the immigration phenomenon, on the basis of a wide range of statistics: the international context; migration flows and the presence of immigrants and refugees in Italy; the labour world; the various levels of the reception system for immigrants; the regional contexts, etc.
Writers and researchers of the Report are organized into a central national editorial staff; additional regional writers and operators contribute individually, or as representatives of local organizations. Their efforts consist in combining scientific thoroughness, the accuracy of socio-statistical analysis and a simple writing, in order to meet the needs of every reader (public officials, social workers, students, researchers, immigrants and citizens from other countries interested in the Italian situation).
By means of abstracts, this website presents the situation of migration as detected year after year, offering an overview of complementary publications by IDOS Editions, which are available upon request.
In particular, great emphasis is devoted to other annual reports, such as the Roman Observatory on Migration, sponsored by Istituto di Studi Politici S. Pio V; the EMN Reports (since 2004 to march 2014), the “Reports on Italians in the World” edited for the Migrantes Foundation (since 2006 to 2012).

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