Remittances and immigrants: global context and italian case

Curatori: Caritas diocesana di Roma - International Labour Organization Casa editrice: Nuova Anterem Città: Roma

Data pubblicazione: 2002 » Indice_Remittances.pdf   


In today’s globalized world, immigrants play the role of “Mediators for Development.” The savings that immigrants remit to their countries of origin contribute considerably to the countries’ development. In this way, immigrant remittances have a fundamental impact on local development, international trade and the balance of debt payments. In 1998 the immigrants’ remittances totalled $61.2 billion USD, an amount that seconded only the finances derived from oil.
This study focuses on the global phenomenon of migration from an economic point of view. We have presented the global context of immigrant remittances and elaborated on the Italian case. Italy represents an interesting case study because within only a few years Italy transformed from a country of emigration to a country of immigration. The growing volume of the remittances sent from Italy abroad is evidence of this change.
The Dossier Statistico Immigrazione is an annual report on immigration in Italy conducted by Caritas in collaboration with other researches. Besides the “Dossier”, Caritas also produces specific research studies, such as this one which was sponsored by the International Labour Organization of Geneva.

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